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Promiscuous Thoughts
Thursday, January 30, 2014 | 7:09 AM | 0 Talking

Why are you getting silent, getting all alone and depressed. Is it because of me? Am I the cause of all the things you felt? Am I just some useless person that steps into your life and just come & go? Is it me who are making you sadder day after day? If it is really me, then I apologize. For all the imperfection, and the fights that doesn't solved. I am truly sorry for those. I can't be the person you're expecting to be 'the one'. 
Do you remember, all the time you sacrificed just to make me yours? Remember when us two had the urge to talk and just be with each other? Because to my thoughts, its more than enough to simply just be with the one I love. I miss you, the old you. The one's who are always there, always care. The one's who would never left me felt neglected. *long sigh* 

& remember that I will always love you.

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